Situation Study – Me to We – Re-Branding a Non-Profit Group

It is necessary that when you begin a non-profit group that you simply fully consider all of the implications from the message you signal out. An easy appealing slogan can destroy all of the good will intent if done incorrectly. Let us consider a situation study we could?

The “Me to We Organization” was began to assist the kids around the globe, its headquarters have been in Canada, but like many non-profit organizations it’ll happily take volunteers or donations from anybody in almost any nation. Thus a target audience for wealthy contributors may be within the U . s . States. Obviously when we take a look at the specific organization and also the title, we ought to see some apparent mistakes in branding.

“Me to We” suggests quitting the person for the entire. Well that’s like saying Capitalism isn’t good and Communism is nice. Yet we all know from history the greatest abuses of human legal rights happen to be caused in communist nations. You might message me if you want historic examples. The branded emblem uses an interlocked m and w because the symbol, that is good because it suggests mixing the 2, however the slogan suggests erasing the person for that many.

Thus the brand new symbol ought to be


W = E2

Should you place the M and W together on the top of each other they form a symmetrical shape by having an = register between you’re playing E over E a treadmill. Thus the entire may be the One and also the The first is the entire the thing is? Then for the 2 E’s remaining you are able to multiply the efficiency. E squared. Which is a take-from E=MC2 and thus that you should the symbol for that movement.

We don’t desire to change people when creating a philanthropic endeavor we want to enhance understanding, proper thinking and skill to reside in harmony. Within this situation study it ought to be apparent that an enormous error has been created and also the lesson is Don’t take away the person forefront “I” might be able to do what 50 people can perform, why waste efficiency.

Indeed, why must someone have to stop self to participate an organization to assist others? Groucho Marx may have a remark with that remember his famous quote.