Reasons why Warzone is Modern Warfare best multiplayer mode and not Gunfight

Modern Warfare has a variety of twisted multiplayer with some great modes but between Gunfight and the Warzone, which is the best? You need to understand which one to play to get the right Warzone aimbot for it.

The following are reasons why Warzone is seen to be the best;

More variety

With any battle royale, the beauty lies in the wealth of possibilities after you drop into the match.  Will, the player, be able to drop in an area that is crowded where everyone will be fighting for the limited loot for them to dominate the scuffle early, or will they find themselves in an area that is secluded, giving them enough time to strategize and think, before going into the fray?

People are aware of what they are getting themselves into when they embrace Gunfight. Each time it is unpredictable in Warzone, leading to either a victory that is unexpected or defeats that is unbearable, hilarity, or a mixture of all the three.

Experimentation and exploration

A well designated Battle Royale map has its share of secrets. Because the mode came out recently, several things are still hidden in the Verdansk. Players can experiment with various points and safe spots to find out what will work best for them.

There are those who are not as interested in finding their enemies as they are curious to look around and fool with their teammates. Although the building is not part of the equation in Fortnite, the world is still a small playground in Warzone.

Free to play

If you own PS4, Xbox, or a PC, then Warzone is free to play. You will be able to run the game.  Another multiplayer suite is locked behind a purchase of the game base. If you are reluctant, buying the entire package can still enjoy the match.

In case they end up liking the game, maybe, they can go ahead and be able to purchase the entire game and play its great campaign and other multiplayer offerings. One can argue against counting the reason why Warzone should be regarded as a better game. But a professional player tends  to be positive for an online community.


The map for Warzone is very large. Even with over 150 players parachuting in the world, it is possible to go through several minutes without having to bump into an opponent. Due to its size, vehicles like helicopters and cars are necessary for traversing. It also gives the game another layer of gameplay.

If an area happens to become hot and the squad is in need of making a desperate getaway, they will have to decide to hightail it on an ATV while the bullets are shot over their heads. The RPGs become useful, as they can destroy most of the available vehicles instantly.


When parachuting into the Verdansk, everyone starts out on an even ground.  Once on the ground, the collection of loot starts, killstreaks, cash, and various equipment help gain the upper hand.